No alarm clock needed!!  Today is the first official day of my sabbatical and opportunities are already opening up. I have been talking to contacts regarding a potential business and participation in local volunteer organizations.  Even more exciting is that I was just interviewed about my sabbatical this morning! So stay tuned for more details.

Hmm…I believe this is the most productive morning I’ve had in a long while – and it is on my own time.

I am also planning my trips (anyone have ideas on South America?) and  getting things in gear for the awards ceremony…Oh, I must tell you that I was nominated and selected for my high school’s Wall of Honor. God is good! This honor recognizes individuals who have brought positive recognition to the school following their high school career.  This is like another dream come true.  WOO HOO!! Check out the details here –

Now, it is time for lunch. Nothing fancy of course, as I am watching my spending.

Inspiration – Yesterday at Lakewood Church,  we sang a song titled “Moving Forward.” It really encouraged me that my step of faith to resign my job and to take a sabbatical would be a time for me to learn, grow, give, and go on to the next level in my life.

Be Blessed!