Angela Petitt, MBA

Angela Petitt , an IT professional, decided to take a step of faith and resign her position during the recession to go on a sabbatical.  Her sabbatical will include opportunities to travel, volunteer, and explore entrepreneurial pursuits.

4 Responses to “About Angela Petitt, MBA”

  1. Celia Vasco Says:


    I just read your updates on the blog and I am amazed at all the traveling you have done in such a short period of time. But, I am even more amazed at your leap of faith that took you to resign your job and pursue your dreams. I am so glad to know you and to have you as my neighbor next door. You are truly an inspiration too. I know God will continue guiding you and directing your life. LOL

  2. Angela,
    I can’t tell you good it is to see you! Most of my fondest memories of my younger years have you in them, and I will carry them always.

    I am so inspired by your leap of faith, and I pray that the Lord continues to grant favor on your life and your dreams.

    You are beaming with a peace and happiness and I hope you never lose that ‘glow of glory’.

    God bless and please continue to share your journey with the world.

    Erika Moffett-Meade

  3. Angela,

    Congratualtions on taking that first step of faith! It is always good to love ourselves first and find out what truly makes us happy. May God continue to bless you on your journey. Remember to chase after your dreams with all you’ve got!

    Andrea L. Griggs
    Creator/Host of Females With A Mission Radio

  4. Jeff Ditmire Says:

    Hi Angie —

    Great to meet you and Aunt Thelma in Costa Rica during our day trip to Nicaragua. Hope the remainder of your trip has been as exciting as rewarding as our day in Nicaragua was. Every success!

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