Filled with diverse cultures, haute shopping venues, and really good restaurants, Houston is such a fabulous place to live. But, these are not the only reasons I love my city. Being home to several “mega-churches”, I am so excited about the many faith based opportunities around town.

Lakewood Church

Victoria Osteen and Angie

Known as the church with the smiling preacher, Lakewood Church is the largest church in America. With that said, it has many ministries to fit every season of life.  Needless to say, I have been blessed by this ministry for many years.  Last week was no different.  I attended the League of Professional Women to hear Victoria Osteen. She was warm, motivating, gracious, authentic, and just absolutely wonderful!  Her message was to stay anchored to God.  Sometimes we can’t define what it is on the inside, but we know there is more.  Dig deep on the inside to see what God wants to do. Furthermore, a dream is bigger than a job. It is a successful life.  What a great night!


Second Baptist

On the west side of town, I went to the Table Tapestry Ladies Fellowship at Second Baptist.  This is an annual event where ladies elaborately decorate dinner tables, worship, and fellowship.  I must admit, I wasn’t interested when I first heard about it. But at the last minute, my neighbor Celia had to work and gave me her ticket.  I had a blast!! Those tables were decorated in ways I had never seen before.  They were creative and stylish…go figure.

Along with pasta and salad, Jenni Mccollum spoke about identifying our cheap substitutions for God and the futility of running after them (John 4:14).  We then had special music and an opportunity to fellowship. Of course, I didn’t know anyone. But, Celia personally escorted and  introduced me to the ladies at the table. It was such a pleasure meeting  everyone, especially Gabrielle.  She is a young aspiring model and actress doing some exciting things.  Look out for her. I am sure we will be seeing her on tv and in print soon! Good luck Gabrielle!! Her mom Marcia Greene was actually the hostess, with Lita and Diane rounding out our table. 

Take a look at the table settings in the slideshow…so much talent!

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Memorial Drive

In the Memorial area, Memorial Drive Presbyterian had a FaithWalking conference. Like me, you are probably asking -What is FaithWalking? Well, it is a program sponsored by Mission Houston that equips leaders to help those in need and also works toward the spiritual and social transformation of our community.  What impressed me the most was how the leaders in the program were really impacting the lives of those in need.  Good stuff!

To make the day even better,  a limited amount of free dinner tickets became available. Knowing how much I love

FaithWalking Table #17

 to eat, I raced to the table to get one.  My new friend Louise invited me to sit at her table. I had such a good time getting to know everyone! It amazes me that I walked into the conference not knowing anyone. By the time I left, I had several new friends.   

Inspiration – I stepped out of my comfort zone and was rewarded with an experience of a lifetime.  Get out of the boat and let your adventure begin.  

Be blessed!